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Shei shei, lovely Taiwan

It’s been about eight years since I’ve traveled to a country as developed as Taiwan. From the first day, I felt like a child on her first trip to Disneyland—I oohed and ahhed over the smallest of things, many of which you just don’t find in countries that are less developed, such as clean, wide … Continue reading

Doe-di-doe (subtitle: “Cycling in Taiwan”)

Finally, the weather turned in our favor again and we were able turn our attention to cycling. Yesterday we rode from Tainan to the coastal town of Anping and had such a great time that we neglected to do any sightseeing and opted instead to stay on our bikes. Today, based on a rental guy’s … Continue reading

Limestone, water, and time…

Yesterday we took a refreshing day trip to Yeliu, a fishing town in the north that was a refreshing reprieve from the bustling city of Taipei. Aside from fishing, Yeliu is most known for Yeliu Geological Park—a site with interesting limestone rock formations that were created by the eroding powers of water and time. I … Continue reading

Of haunted hotels and serious sightseeing…

I confess that aside from the thrill I felt after booking my plane tickets, my first jolt of excitement came when I heard we’d be staying at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei on the first part of this trip. The Grand Hyatt is one of the top-10 most haunted hotels in the world. Imagine: a … Continue reading

Taiwan’s Horn of Plenty

Several years ago I was in Thailand and had high hopes that I would experience it by unhinging my jaw and inviting all the food to jump in and have a party. I was sorely disappointed when I found myself with very little appetite—a side effect of the oppressive heat and humidity. Here in Taiwan … Continue reading

Ni hao from Taiwan

Ah, air travel. Some people find it a stressful, chaotic event that must be tolerated in order to get somewhere more exciting. To me, it’s an integral part of the entire travel experience. Air travel is not just a promise of adventures to come, but an adventure in itself—something to be savored and experienced, right … Continue reading

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