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Falling in love again

I’ve fallen in love. Never in a million years did I think it would happen here in Greece, least of all with one who doesn’t even speak the same language. His name is Sheldon—I know, not a Greek name, but as it happens, Sheldon’s family came to Greece from Northern Europe, so he’s not actually … Continue reading

Releasing birds and things that only seem to happen in Greece

Life at the wildlife hospital is an adventure. Despite the routine, every day seems different because of new arrivals, new diseases to treat (the center’s pigeon population is currently experiencing a chlamydia or salmonella epidemic, Mirena isn’t sure which), and the occasional event to spice up the week. Recently, another volunteer and I attended one … Continue reading

Life at the wildlife hospital

I’ve been volunteering at the wildlife hospital for over a week now. The hospital was formed 20 years ago by some college students because no facilities existed in Greece to rehabilitate wild animals (though there are now some other organizations that care for wild animals, the wildlife hospital is still the oldest and best-known). The … Continue reading

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