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Of cleanses, ceremonies, and icaros…

November 23, 2002 After a night of deep slumber, I awake around 5am to the sound of buzzing, as though someone turned on an electric appliance. It was incredibly annoying and I thought: “who would use a gardening tool at this hour?” However, after some time it became clear that the buzzing was  coming from … Continue reading

Finding the divinity in everything

Hindus truly find god in all things. Even their standard greeting, “Namaste,” is a recognition of the inner divinity of both the greeter and the greeted. Today, I got to see how that recognition of divinity sometimes extends to the seemingly mundane. While enduring a very bumpy bus ride from Jodhpur to Ranakpur, we stopped … Continue reading

A whirlwind week in the Peloponnese

Due to the magic of the Internet, a whole week in the Peloponnese has already passed. You see, this week has been my one chance to get caught up in my journals once-and-for-all, so I have been cramming over two weeks of entries into one. This entry will have to cover all of the Peloponnese, … Continue reading

Public transportation and high places

Taking public transportation in Europe is a bit like hopping into the clown car at the circus. If you’re even a little claustrophobic (like me) or averse to having any part of your body touch a strange, sweaty person (like me), then each trip on the bus or metro becomes a test of whether you … Continue reading

The Salamanca frog

The last time I was in Madrid I saw most of the city because train and bus service had closed down due to the 3/11 train bombing, which made trips outside of the city impossible unless you had a car. Nevertheless, since this was the first time my Australian travel mates (Grant, Brendan, Krystal, and … Continue reading

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