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Coffee Rica

I would be remiss to write another word about Costa Rica without mentioning the country’s most delectable export: coffee. As both a constant traveler and coffee lover who enjoys trying a local brew, I’ve found that many countries’ offerings are mediocre, at best—even downright foul at times (can anyone say “Nescafe”?). In fact, in all … Continue reading

Dog lovers, beware

Dog lovers, beware. You may want to skip this post. Okay, well don’t say I didn’t warn you. But in the vein of “when in Rome,” I experienced my first taste of a local delicacy: dog meat. Yes, really. Trust me, I felt more skittish about this than I did about the grasshopper, the tarantula, … Continue reading

Living la vida locust

After the last post, I thought it was time for something light. Something crunchy. Something chock-full of yummy protein. I mentioned that the heat was interfering with my appetite. Well, I’m happy to report that it didn’t last long. It returned in time for me to enjoy the culinary pleasures of Cambodian cuisine, which is … Continue reading

Food, wonderful food

Indian cuisine proves that there are hundreds of different uses for lentils, and most of them don’t involve soup. I haven’t tried all the options yet, but I am slowly making my way through them. I particularly like a well-made dal (a lentil puree), scooped up with roti or naan, both of which are flatbreads. … Continue reading

On cows, bazaars, and being hit by tuk tuks

At the Sardar Bazaar in Jodhpur, the street is a crazy, pulsating mass of auto rickshaws, scooters, bicycles, and cars, all beeping or ringing to make their way through the sea of people. In stark contrast to this frenzy of activity are the slow-moving cows that leisurely wander around without a care. Some plop themselves … Continue reading

The food in Peru, part 2

So maybe the idea of alpaca steaks, alpaca diane, and alpaca carpacchio was too much to endure. If so, perhaps you´ll find cuy—another regional favorite—more palatable, no? I took this photo outside of Pisac when we stopped at a traditional chicha house where the hostess not only had a whole pen full of cuy, but … Continue reading

When food poisoning isn’t merely food poisoning

Sometimes food poisoning isn´t merely food poisoning when it´s…well, you´ll see. After three days of illness, Ginny (our volunteer coordinator) took me and two other sick volunteers to see a doctor in Cuzco—someone the organization trusts and works with regularly. Dr. Victor works in a tiny, single-room, glass-fronted office between a hair salon and an … Continue reading

The food in peru, Part 1

Okay, we didn´t eat the exact one in the photo, but alpaca is a popular regional dish in the mountainous areas for obvious reasons: it´s what´s available. Despite the fact that the “cute factor” might make this meat unpalatable for us Westerners, I am here to say that it isn´t half bad. It has the … Continue reading

A short stay in Lima

In Lima, I met up with two of my fellow volunteers. Since we weren´t going to be in Lima for long, we took a tour of the city and saw many of the major sites. We started in the Plaza Mayor, which is at the heart of central Lima. On one side of the plaza … Continue reading

Releasing birds and things that only seem to happen in Greece

Life at the wildlife hospital is an adventure. Despite the routine, every day seems different because of new arrivals, new diseases to treat (the center’s pigeon population is currently experiencing a chlamydia or salmonella epidemic, Mirena isn’t sure which), and the occasional event to spice up the week. Recently, another volunteer and I attended one … Continue reading

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