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The downside of Airbnbs…

I love renting places when I travel. I rented my first apartment when I was in Greece years before Airbnb was a “thing” and fell in love with how different it feels from being in a hotel. While hotels are inherently sterile and practically reek of “temporariness,” renting gives you access to real places in … Continue reading

Lessons learned in the flood…

I think I mentioned in passing that while we were in Cartagena with Jill and Don, we were caught in a torrential downpour. Allow me to elaborate on that rain by relaying our experience in Santa Marta, which is where we are this morning to embark upon our trek to the Lost City. I will … Continue reading

Thinking of Nepal

I am usually a day or two behind my blog posts for obvious reasons (things have to happen first, then I need to write up the post), so my last post of any trip occurs when I return. Yesterday, after 26 hours of travel, David and I finally got home. As I walked through my … Continue reading

All is well with us in Israel

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I wrote in my last post that the level of danger and safety feels like any other country in this part of the world. Yesterday afternoon a bombing outside the Central Bus Station (which is near our hotel) killed a British woman and injured 45 others. I’m sad for … Continue reading

On cows, bazaars, and being hit by tuk tuks

At the Sardar Bazaar in Jodhpur, the street is a crazy, pulsating mass of auto rickshaws, scooters, bicycles, and cars, all beeping or ringing to make their way through the sea of people. In stark contrast to this frenzy of activity are the slow-moving cows that leisurely wander around without a care. Some plop themselves … Continue reading

Beware practicers of English

After spending the morning in Old Delhi checking out an old 17th century Muslim mosque (Jami Masjid) and a Sikh temple, I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering around central Delhi and discovering anew one of the hazards of a female traveling alone. It is bad enough to be pestered by street touts and … Continue reading

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