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Make a positive impact by subtracting your plastic

As many of you know, I was a winner of a travel essay competition earlier this year. As part of the prize, I get to be a featured blogger for their web site. I cannot reproduce the posts that I submit to them in this blog, but if you’re interested in reading them, click here … Continue reading

Entering the land of smiles

I never did make it to the night market. After asking around, I was advised that the area was too dangerous due to its proximity to an encampment, and since the local authoritites have been threatening a crackdown that could happen at any time, it would have been too risky. I also discovered that my … Continue reading

On excessive heat, humidity, and the virtues of Thai massage

I’ve experienced heat and humidity in other countries, but somehow it just seems thicker here, as though it has a presence of its own. Even when I sit in the shade enjoying a light breeze, it sidles up and sits so close that it touches my skin and then breathes its hot breath all over … Continue reading

Searching for Buddha

I did run into Buddha several times today, and he wasn’t wearing a red shirt. Instead, he was decadently adorned with gold leaf or carved from green jasper. Buddha must’ve been a fancy guy. I began my leisurely search for Buddha by taking a boat ride up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace, … Continue reading

Sawatdika from Bangkok

Here I am in Bangkok, after 20 hours of flying and continuous blessings from the travel gods (those fickle deities who at times wreak havoc with your travel life, and at other times see fit to bestow good fortune). This time I was blessed with a row to myself on both of my flights. During … Continue reading

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