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On human rights and missing flights

After my first attempt at surfing and a fun day of paddle boarding, the last day of our trip arrived. That evening, I had the pleasure of meeting an old friend of David’s who used to live in the U.S., but now makes Israel his home. This friend is a peace activist and the founder … Continue reading

Shalom from Jerusalem

Here I am, in Israel at last. I’ve wanted to visit this country for years, but the opportunity just never arose. This is a unique trip for me for several reasons. First, I am not doing volunteer work, therefore the trip is shorter than my normal. Second, I actually have a travel companion , and … Continue reading

Sawatdika from Bangkok

Here I am in Bangkok, after 20 hours of flying and continuous blessings from the travel gods (those fickle deities who at times wreak havoc with your travel life, and at other times see fit to bestow good fortune). This time I was blessed with a row to myself on both of my flights. During … Continue reading

The journey from Delhi to Jodhpur

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said Egypt was good preparation for India. It’s still true in some aspects, but in the sleeper train department it couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking a sleeper train in India—even the tourist/business-class sort—is an adventure in itself. Whereas our sleeper car in Egypt was small but … Continue reading

Namaste from New Delhi

I can hardly believe that I am in India. It feels a bit decadent to be taking a trip so soon after my last, but the timing could not be helped. Compared to my journey to Egypt, the journey here was unremarkable. The flights were on time, there was no airline strike, and no strange … Continue reading

Riding Donkey to the Valley of the Kings

I can honestly say that we’ve tried just about every form of transportation on this trip, with the notable exception of bicycles (which would be ridiculously stupid on Egyptian roads, but you do see them). We’ve traveled via bus, van, train, boat, felucca, horse-drawn carriage, and camel. And yesterday, we took a trip to the … Continue reading

Traveling via police convoy

There are many parts of Egypt, Upper Egypt in particular (and remember, Upper Egypt is actually southern Egypt), in which travel restrictions apply to all foreigners. After a number of terrorist incidents resulted in the deaths of tourists in the 1990s, Egypt was considered a hazardous destination and other countries advised their citizens against traveling … Continue reading


I’ve been to a lot of countries with hair-raising traffic, but Egypt might just take the cake. My guide book says that riding a bike here is tantamount to suicide, and now I understand. Aside from the double (and sometimes triple)-parked cars along the sidestreets, the main thoroughfares are a pulsating stream of honking, weaving … Continue reading

Asalaamu aleikum from Cairo

The travel gods, fickle deities that they are, both giveth and taketh away. On a packed flight to JFK, I was seated with one passenger who was very territorial about the armrests. The other passenger in my row slept for most of the flight, head thrown back, mouth agape, and lightly snoring; then upon waking … Continue reading

Not sleeping on a sleeper train

After exploring the city of Alexandria, which is three hours north of Cairo, we are on a sleeper train to Luxor. Surprisingly the train is on time, because we hear that it is notorious for considering its schedule more of a “guideline,” give or take four hours, as opposed to an actual schedule. I haven’t … Continue reading

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