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The pause in between

Esalen has a way of gently prodding you to look within. The area is remote–although they are able to get Wi-fi with a satellite, there is no cell phone reception, nor are there any attractions nearby to distract you. All you have is Esalen itself. Some might say that this place has a special energy … Continue reading

The case of the missing yoga pants

On my first visit to Esalen I wrote about the ‘clothing optional’ baths, so I won’t belabor that topic, especially since I’ve long gotten over it and it seems as natural as breathing to me now. I’ll strip off my clothes in a heartbeat if it means I get to soak in those baths. So … Continue reading

Bath. Yoga. Eat. Repeat.

The last time I wrote about Esalen, I mentioned that the yoga workshop takes up six hours of each day. When I tell people this, they usually balk. “Six hours of yoga? How can you do that?” It’s really not as difficult as it sounds. The six hours is broken into three sessions, each of … Continue reading

Returning to Esalen

Six years ago, I returned to Portland after three months abroad–a trip that was the result of quitting my job to take a much-needed break, reassess my priorities, and also satisfy some of my travel cravings. Upon my return, I didn’t feel a great deal of anxiety about the prospect of unemployment. I knew the … Continue reading

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