Hi. This is me. Welcome to my humble blog.

I began this journey—this whole blogging thing, that is—in 2006 when I went on a three-month sabbatical abroad. By that point, I had traveled for several years (often alone), and after undergoing some significant life changes, decided to reprioritize my life and commit more time to satisfying my wanderlust.

It was during that sabbatical that I decided to try voluntourism for the first time. There were lots of reasons why I did this, but foremost among these was a desire to spend some of my time doing something worthwhile. That experience, while challenging and dirty, left an impression upon me and changed the way that I approach travel.

This blog, at its core, is about wandering. Mine, to be precise…but hopefully my wanderings inspire readers to experience their own. Anatole France, a 19th century French novelist, said “Wandering reestablishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” I have no grand designs on setting the balance between man and universe to rights, but on a more micro scale, I wander the globe because it makes me feel more in touch, more in harmony, with the world around me. Both wandering and volunteering satisfy my deep curiosity about the world, ignite new and exciting questions, and remind me that my little existence is but a miniscule subplot in the grand epic of life.

I invite you to wander with me.

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