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Braving the storm

I mentioned an unseasonable October storm. It reminded me of the storms we get in Portland with powerful gale winds blowing rain in sideways—the kind of thing that renders umbrellas completely useless. During yoga classes yesterday, the wind was powerful enough to severely shake the yoga dome (yoga is conducted in a large yurt-like dome overlooking the ocean below). It created a nice contrast to the practice because even while it forced me to concentrate on the pose despite the raging storm outside, it also made me appreciate the beauty of practicing so close to nature instead of in a windowless room downtown.

After a delicious dinner of healthy organic food, I decided to spend the rest of my evening braving the storm from the vantage point of the baths. It’s exhilerating to be luxuriously ensconced in hot mineral water while the wind and rain cool your face and shoulders. The rocky beach below was a writhing mass of white foam from crashing waves that got up to 15 feet throughout the day. I discovered that a hot bath in the rain is better than any sleeping drug. I slept right through Pranayama yoga this morning.

For these reasons, I’m sorry that the storm has passed. As I write, the sun has peeked through a scattering of clouds and is quickly heating the temperature. Everything is fresh and washed from yesterday’s cleaning and debris from the trees and plants are scattered everywhere upon the grounds.

Incidentally, because I’ve been asked, I thought I should clarify that the co-ed, clothing-optional thing is only in the baths and pool, so you certainly do not find yourself awkwardly averting your gaze while pouring your morning coffee, scooping up a second helping of kale salad, or while walking to your workshop class. And while it’s true that there are many people here who might fall into a ‘hippie’ category by some people’s standards, most are the sort you might run into at your favorite coffee shop. The students in my workshop are everything from massage therapists and yoga instructors to psychologists and attorneys. They come from across the globe to enjoy this beautiful place and learn from an amazing instructor. I feel lucky to be here.

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Colleen is a globe trotting, sight seeing, day tripping, frequent flying traveler with a penchant for voluntourism.


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